Commercial Water Distributing LLC is a master distributor of the best brands in the water purification industry.

3M Air and Water Filters Amana Water Filters American Plumber Water Filters Ametek Water Filters CUNO AquaPure Water Filters Brita Water Filters Culligan Water Filters Everpure Water Filters Flotec Water Filters Frigidaire Water Filters GE SmartWater Water Filters Harmsco Water Filtration Honeywell Water Filters Hotpoint Refrigerator Water Filters Hydrotech Water Filters InstaPure Water Filters Jenn-Air Water Filters Katadyn Water Filters Kenmore Water Filters KitchenAid Water Filters KX Matrix Water Filters LG Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridges Liquatec Water Filter Cartridges Maytag Water Filters Microline Water Filters OmniFilter Water Filter Cartridges Omnipure Water Filter Cartridges Pentek Water Filter Cartridges PUR Water Filter Cartridges Rusco Sediment Water Filter Cartridges Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridges Sears Water Filter Cartridges Teledyne Water Filter Cartridges V-Flo Sediment Water Filter Cartridges Waterpik Filter Cartridges Watts Water Filter Cartridges Doulton

Are you a Manufacturer in the Water Industry?

Commercial Water Distributing has earned a reputation with its manufacturers as an aggressively growing company that follows through on its commitment of integrity and customer service.


Industry insiders from leading water purification manufacturers have commented that Commercial Water Distributing is one of the most dynamic distributors in the Midwest, if not the country. A newly constructed 20,000 square foot office/warehouse holds the growing business. We will help to grow your national sales by utilizing our established and growing distribution network.

Part of the Water Industry Hub

Based near Minnesota's Pentair, Ecowater, Hydrotech, Katadyn, Cuno's parent 3M, & the GE Water Division. Commercial Water Distributing also has a satellite office in Milwaukee near Pentek, Culligan, Fleck, Siemens & USFilter and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences. Commercial Water Distributing is also active in the Water Quality Association.

Let us help to grow your sales and establish your brand

Are you A Water Purification Products Reseller?

Commercial Water Distributing has earned a reputation with its clients as a supplier of high quality water products at the lowest prices and with the best service.

Huge Selection

Commercial Water Distributing offers a large selection of water filters, including water filter cartridges, housings, specialty filters, automatic regenerating filter systems, reverse osmosis systems, undersink systems, countertop systems, shower filters, faucet filters, refrigerator filters, ultraviolet purification systems, parts and accessories, and many other types of water treatment products.

Great Prices

Because we are a high volume master distributor, we have received very low prices. We pass these prices to our reseller clients, so they can grow their businesses.


With rising fuel and shipping costs, proximity has never been more important. Commercial Water Distributing is based just south of Minneapolis, MN and just north of Rochester, MN on Highway 52. This cross-roads location allows for easy transportation to Sioux Falls, Milwaukee, Des Moines, and Chicago. The strategic location also provides a central location to dealers throughout the United States and Canada.


Whether you are an established distributor within the water industry, a hardware store, an industrial supply company, a plumbing company, we can create a program to fit your needs. We will help you grow your business by suggesting a customized product list for your business. We also accept affiliates, drop shipping customers, and small dealers if there is a good fit.

Let us help you grow your business